What is the delivery time?
Answer: Total delivery time is about 8-10 business days. Free delivery with Postnord.

Do you print on the products?
Answer: No. We will always use only high quality embroidery on our monograms, text, names and pictures on all products. This gives a unique feeling of quality and durability and which does not disappear with time or when washing.

How long has Connel ID been around?
Answer: Connel ID is Connel Brodyr's e-commerce. A family business that specializes in tailored golf since 1995.

What are your payment options?
Answer: We accept payment with all credit cards and Paypal.

Can you choose other flags for your golf bag?
Yes, but it will then be a special order with an extra cost. Contact info@connel.se with your request and we will arrange a manual order for you.

I would like to have my own logo with fully customized text and image. Is it possible to arrange?
Yes, however, there will be a special order (minimum number of orders is 3 golf bags) with an extra cost. Fill in what you are interested in here and we will contact you within 12 hours.